British Gas Small Business Electricity

You can get an online quote from British Gas for your energy requirements in less than 60 seconds, and they promise to beat your current bills by at least 10%.

How does British Gas Compare Against Their Competitors?

British Gas tariffs for gas and electricity are extremely competitive, and they offer some of the lowest prices for residential customers in the UK. If you think they're going to be expensive, it's best to get an online quote and see how they compare to your existing supplier. Even if you currently use British Gas as your electricity provider and think you're paying too much, check out their current tariffs to see if they are any cheaper as prices change on a regular basis.

Almost all business tariffs are for fixed term contracts at fixed prices. If the last time you switched was more than a year ago, the prices would have probably been significantly reduced by now.

Make Savings From Direct Tariffs

Apart from any current offers British Gas may provide, they run various promotions on a regular basis. Currently, they offer savings of at least £850 per year for each fuel which adds up to £1,700 if you opt for both under a dual fuel tariff. They also offer their much-publicised smart meter technology for business users. Using these meters means you always receive accurate bills from automatically taken readings. You can also enter your data via your online account area.

It's easy to get a quote via their online services. All you need is your name and address and your current annual spend. The quote is valid for two working days if you choose to proceed. You can also make additional savings if you choose to pay by monthly direct debit.

What are the Other Benefits of Using British Gas?

You can choose a British Gas green tariff, which will exempt your business from the new Climate Change Levy introduced into the UK. Their call centres are UK based, and you're provided with a dedicated account manager if required. These specialists help introduce energy efficiency schemes within your company and other methods to keep your costs low.

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