EDF Business Electricity Tariffs

EDF supplies small business customers if their annual spend is less than £30,000 and has a wide range of services to suit most requirements.

Types of Meters Available

Small businesses can choose to have many types of meters installed depending on when their peak demand is likely to be. The business standard tariff targets most businesses that operate during the normal working day. EDF is generous in their definition as it's between 8am and 10pm from Monday to Friday. Their economy 7 tariff is at a reduced rate for businesses that have the most usage between 12am and 8am. EDF also offers business users an evening and weekend tariff that could also be useful if you have the right meter installed.

EDF Prices and Tariffs

EDF offers three main types of tariffs aimed at the commercial community. The brand names are Business First Super Saver, Business First Energy Saver and Business First Green Saver. Below are the details of each product.

  • First Super Saver: offers a choice of contract lengths and tariff options with competitive prices on both unit costs and standing charges.
  • First Energy Saver: offers tariffs without any daily standing charges.
  • First Green: offers energy supplied from 100% renewable sources.

With all the Business First tariffs, you also receive a choice of fixed contract lengths with a 2% discount if you pay by quarterly Direct Debit. You also get free energy advice and a dedicated business advisor via a freephone number. Therefore, the advice really is completely free.

EDF Green Saver Tariff in more detail

The EDF Green Saver Tariff is interesting because it's a tariff where the energy is purchased only from renewable sources. These include wind turbine power, hydroelectricity (water generated) or solar panels. It'll cost a little extra, but this tariff is exempt from the Climate Change Levy.

EDF is one of only a few companies that offer a truly green tariff for business users.

EDF Nectar for Business Rewards

EDF energy is the only provider that offers Nectar points for domestic customers and businesses. If you have a Nectar card, then this may be an interesting addition to your list of preferred companies. However, bear in mind that the points accrue based on actions rather than the amount of energy you use each year.

The maximum number of points you can earn is 4,400, with an additional 5,000 if you're switching from another provider. In your first year, this totals 9,400 Nectar points. These points are just enough to buy a mini DAB radio or a BT Graphite 1500 Telephone system which has a retail price of £40 in Argos.

In reality, this is not a reason to change your supply to EDF, but a small bonus if you switch for the cost savings involved.

What Else?

You can manage your entire account online and enter your meter readings into your dashboard. The online account not only provides further discounts your bill but also ensures the accuracy of bills that you receive.

There's also a completely free energy advice service specially set up for SME companies from EDF via their web portal.

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