E.ON Energy - Gas and Electricity Services

One of the largest and well-known suppliers in the gas and electricity market is E.ON Energy. You often see their red and white vans going from house to house collecting meter readings on behalf of the entire industry.

E.ON has a dedicated small business team that mainly sells via third party brokers, but also has a direct sales team.

Fixed Term Contract Pricing

Brokers will often be able to sell you a competitive deal via their channel, although this may be a few pence higher than their direct methods.

Direct pricing comes in the form of their website and telephone sales team. There are no high street shops you visit to sit down with an expert to discuss your options.

Contract terms are available for up to three years in length with fixed unit prices and daily standing charges for the duration. Fixing for longer periods could be useful for budget planning and cash flow forecasting purposes.

There are limited variable priced contract available in the micro and small business arena so ensure you receive an attractive deal before you put pen to paper.

If you select a web quote bear in mind that other offers are available from other companies. It's also prudent to utilise the services of a broker in the first instance to check on the lowest costs available.

Using a monthly Direct Debit mandate, rather than paying by cheque, will procure additional savings of 2%.

Switching Your Supply to E.ON

When you have decided to switch from your current supplier, E.ON will process the switching timeframe for you. All that changes during this time is your provider together with your invoicing and payment details.

No changes occur with your meter or the wires connecting your property. Switching occurs on the last day of your current contract so long as your have activated your termination clauses correctly.

Energy Efficiency Programmes with E.ON

All E.ON customers receive access to an energy efficiency microsite that helps explain ways to reduce costs further.

You'll also get access to your raw meter data which feeds into their e-data services. Much like an energy management system, e-data reports your consumption levels over various time periods. You'll then be able to monitor changes from any efficiency programmes you undertake in your business.

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