Electricity Contracts from Npower Business

Npower attempt to beat any renewal quotes for small business owners or they'll give you a £5 Rymans gift card. This new marketing initiative means they are serious about improving their market share in the UK. Traditionally, British Gas were the only company offering incentives to lure customers over to their services.

Npower Prices and Tariffs

As noted above, Npower are competing for your business to gain a foothold in the UK market. Like all energy companies, they have targets to meet by improving the volume of customers they serve.

They don't currently offer an online version of their sales system so you'll be required to call their offices to find a price for your office or building. Entering their online forms requires some information about your premises, which is easy to find.

  • Your first and last name.
  • The email address to send the confirmation to.
  • A contact telephone number to discuss options.
  • The postcode of your building that matches your meter number.

This data will provide enough information for Npower to locate any meters associated with your property and locate tariff options for you.

Like other suppliers, Npower doesn't publish their unit prices nor their tariff names so it's difficult to undertake a quick comparison with their competitors.

To improve accuracy, have your annual billing or consumption details to hand as unit costs usually reduce as consumption increases.

If there is more than one business at your address, then having your MPAN to hand ensures you're dealing with the correct meter.

Online Cost Savings Tips

Although there's limited information available on their website, we can show you how to make additional savings with this company.

Moving from your current supplier and not invoking a rollover clause will probably save you 25% on your renewal rates. These savings are because renewal contract prices are far higher than switching to an alternative. Much like with car insurance products, the best rates are normally kept for "brand new customers only" and Npower are no exception.

Paying your bill by monthly direct debit will provide an additional small discount and often dual fuel contracts provide a lower overall bill. Check before you sign for dual fuel as separate contracts normally win over a combined tariff.

What Other Services Might Npower Provide?

If required, you can take advantage of the services from an energy consultant who'll help you reduce your fuel consumption. Their recommendations could be a combination of activities from measurement to changing appliances.

More help is available these days as wholesale pricing and Government initiatives push up the retail price for businesses, and it makes sense to take advantage of such a service.

Their website also has in-depth articles on saving money from simple changes to your daily routines and is worth investigating.

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