Privacy Policy

Please read this privacy policy as it contains important information about the data that collected from you, and how we use it.

Cookies and Usage

Cookies are small pieces of data placed onto your computer when you visit a page on this site. They may help us improve the experience of users from an analytics program.

Although automatically placed onto your computer, we cannot personally identify you. You can opt out of using cookies by using the options in your web browser. Although the result is the same, each browser has its own unique settings.

What Sources of Data do we Collect?

There are three areas on this website that we collect data.

  • The usage data from an analytics program.
  • Your personal data if you complete an enquiry or quote form.
  • Your personal data if you telephone our customer services team.

Analytics Data Collected and Its Use

Each page you visit on this site gets recorded in an analytics program, and those results are used to improve the experience and user interaction. Examples of the type of information collected include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Your device information such as browser type, screen resolution, and operating system.
  • The pages that you have visited and the duration.
  • Where you came from before visiting this website.
  • In some cases, the search query you entered into a search engine.

This data is analysed to improve the user experience. For example, a popular page that has a short duration span, may imply it's not as useful as others. The data may lead us to investigating why this is the case and improving the page.

Web Forms Personal Data

The data you enter is only used once to provide a quotation or answer a query. The data gets stored under the UK Data Protection laws. You may request the removal of your data from our systems at any time.

Disclosure: We will communicate with third party suppliers with your information to provide an accurate quote.

Customer Services

We use your information you provide to perform searches to locate quotations on your behalf. This data gets securely stored for future reference.

Forms and Customer Service Information Collected

The data collected includes your name, company name, postal code, telephone number, and email address. We use your email address to send you a copy of the quote you have received. We do not allow third parties to sell you any services via this email.

This policy was last updated on 16th December 2014.

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